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Al Davis wouldn't recognize the Raiders anymore. That's a good thing.

The Raiders front office is making smart moves. What happened?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

GIVE THE RAIDERS SOME CREDITMichael Crabtree, Raiders agree to contract extension. Smart move by the Raiders to lock up a good No. 2 receiver. Speaking of smart moves, Reggie McKenzie deserves some credit for building up this roster. So, what's his secret?

NOT EVEN A HANDSHAKELeSean McCoy will NOT shake hands with Chip Kelly. It's Eagles-Bills week, and the big storyline is about a handshake that may or may not happen. Wait, what? No, really. Herm Edwards went off on Murray during a segment on ESPN.

JAMAAL IS IN THE BUILDING: Jamaal Charles spotted at Arrowhead. The Chiefs running back was in the building, talking about his comeback already.

SMILE WITH THE SNAKERemembering Kenny Stabler. "These fans are getting their money's worth today." They just don't make 'em like the Snake anymore.

PATRIOT IN TROUBLEBrandon LaFell could be on thin ice. The Patriots need LaFell to step up, but he keeps dropping the ball. Literally.

VEGAS LIKES THE BENGALSThe Bengals are slight favorites this week. They can clinch the AFC North by defeating the Steelers at home, but what are the early odds of that happening?

TWEET ME: That's one way to get a job. Denver added safety depth thanks to a well-timed tweet from Shiloh Keo to Wade Phillips.

GABBERT TIME: Quit making it worse, Joe. Joe Montana said Blaine Gabbert was "definitely someone you need to keep around."

COOTER: What did Jim Bob Cooter do to the Lions offense? It works now, and the new offensive coordinator took a very simple approach to making that happen.

STADIUM GAME: I know this isn't the most interesting subject for fans of, say, 29 NFL teams, but this interview with St. Louis radio host Bernie Miklasz and NFL vice president Eric Grubman is a compelling listen ... and an unfortunate window in how the league really operates.


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MANNING RETURNSPeyton Manning is practicing again. So, are we going to have a QB controversy in Denver now?

COWBOY DREAMIs the Cowboys defense good enough to carry the team? With a limited quarterback, the Cowboys best path to the playoffs goes through their improving defense.

CARDS CAN CLINCH: The Cardinals host the Vikings in what should be a very compelling Thursday Night Football game with higher stakes than usual.

FANTASY CORNER: Need some sit/start advice for tonight's game? We've got you covered. For all of your other roster decision making needs, be sure to consult our player rankings for each position.