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3 good options for 3 very bad teams in the 2016 NFL Draft

Three teams are tied for the worst record in the NFL. Here are the three top ways they could go in April.

There are three weeks left in the NFL's regular season and three teams are tied with a league-worst 3-10 record. That means the first three picks in the draft are wide open. It also means the Titans, Chargers and Browns all need to have options.

Here are the best three options for those three teams, if you haven't picked up on the theme yet.

Tennessee Titans

Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss: Although the Titans drafted Taylor Lewan to play left tackle in the first round in 2014, his play has been up and down. The addition of Tunsil – the best left tackle prospect in a couple years – would push Lewan to the right. Suddenly Tennessee would have bookends to protect quarterback Marcus Mariota, a necessity.

Trade out: This one seems obvious for a team that has a franchise quarterback and needs pieces around him. The Titans could auction off No. 1 to a team desperate for a quarterback and potentially get a bounty in return. Ideally, a deal would include a couple first-round picks and a second- or third-round pick in 2016. That type of move could set the Titans up for years to come if the picks are used wisely.

Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State: Whether Tennessee continues running more of a three-man front or shift to a four-man front, Bosa would be a building block player on defense. Even the thought of him wreaking havoc next to Jurrell Casey would cause problems for opposing offenses. Bosa is the best player in the draft and has the stats and playing style to back up that claim.

San Diego Chargers

Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State: No player on the defensive line has more than three sacks this season and the Chargers are 25th overall in the category as a team. San Diego is also one of the worst run defenses in the league. Bosa would help fix both of those issues.

Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss: Part of the reason first-round pick Melvin Gordon has looked average at running back is San Diego's offensive line. Pro Football Focus, if you believe in their grading, only gives one of San Diego's linemen a positive grade, and that's right tackle Joe Barksdale. Chris Hairston has gotten the most starts at left tackle this season, and he's much better at guard. By drafting Tunsil, San Diego would finally get a premier left tackle and be able to move Hairston inside. Sure, King Dunlap is there, but he just can't stay healthy.

Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame: Honestly, if the Chargers have a top-two pick, it's likely they'll take one of the two above players. But we've seen time and again that teams will differ from the conventional media wisdom at offensive tackle. The Rams in 2014, for instance, took Greg Robinson despite Jake Matthews getting a higher grade publicly. It's possible, though improbable, they could prefer Stanley. He's the most athletic of the two, which always helps a player rise in the offseason process.

Cleveland Browns

Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State: Bosa being the common theme for these teams should certainly not be a surprise. Other than Tunsil, he looks like the 2016's only surefire top-five pick. Like the Chargers, the Browns have struggled to generate a pass rush and stop the run. Playing at Ohio State, plenty of Browns fans would love to see the All-American in Cleveland.

Jared Goff, QB, California: Johnny Manziel may well continue showing progress over the final three games of the season, but his off-field transgressions will always make the Browns anxious about something popping up. Goff may not be as good as Mariota or Jameis Winston from this year's draft, but he's the type of savvy quarterback the Browns need. And he's yet to cause a stir off the field.

Laquon Treadwell, WR, Ole Miss: The wide receiver position for the Browns is a vacuous hellhole of undersized players and headaches. The best of them, Travis Benjamin, is a free agent after the season. The biggest of them, Terrelle Pryor, is brand new to the position. The highest-paid one, Dwayne Bowe, has been a healthy scratch multiple times this season. Toss in Taylor Gabriel, Andrew Hawkins and Brian Hartline, all of whom are injured, and the issue here is obvious. Oh, and don't forget Josh Gordon, who has been suspended all season. Treadwell, a good but not transcendent talent, going this high is a big stretch, but Browns. That's all. Browns.

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