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Randy Moss reveals 'Bill Belichick is a teddy bear'

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The future Hall of Fame receiver opened up about the Patriots, DeflateGate and his various NFL loyalties.

TEDDY BEAR: Randy Moss confirms that Bill Belichick is human. Katie Nolan of Fox Sports talked to the NFL legend about Tom Brady and the Patriots, who he still considers to be "family," even more so than the Vikings.

RAMS DOWN BUCS: In what might have been their final game in St. Louis and in front of an official crowd that barely topped 51,000, the Rams finally found some offense, beating the Bucs 31-23. Todd Gurley topped the 1,000-yard mark too. Tampa Bay's secondary was terrible, but Doug Martin and Mike Evans finished as positives for the Bucs.

AWWWW: Kenny Britt celebrates big touchdown by giving ball to his adorable daughter.

LOS ANGELES: The NFL is still trying to decide which teams are going to Los Angeles and which stadium they'll be building. St. Louis got a message from the NFL about that extra $100 million from the league someone errantly promised them.

QB CRISIS: The NFL doesn't have a quarterback crisis. Seriously, it's not as bad as it seems. Danny Kelly and RVB discuss the issue on the podcast this week. Plus, previewing the Week 15 games which feature just ONE game with two winning teams.

JOB SECURITY: Jeff Fisher isn't going anywhere. The Rams are keeping Jeff Fisher around for 2016, despite four seasons without a winning record.

PEYTON'S STATUS UP IN THE AIR: Peyton hasn't made a decision about 2016. Archie Manning talked about his son's football career and revealed a little something about Peyton's foot injury in the process.

CLUTCH QB: Marcus Mariota is the definition of clutch. The kid is good, folks.

NINER DRAMA: It's every man for himself on the 49ers coaching staff. The Niners' coaches are starting to crack.

ADMIT THAT YOU HAVE A PROBLEMThe Seahawks lead the NFL in admitting their mistakes. Sometimes, knowing when to move on from a player is just as important as knowing which player a team wants. That's part of Seattle's recipe for success under Pete Carroll and John Schneider.

SUPER BOWL ODDS: Bengals Super Bowl odds fall. Las Vegas is not a fan of AJ McCarron.

COLT PROBLEMS: Are the Colts Really That Bad? Losing a franchise quarterback is kind of a big deal. How do the Colts compare with other teams that have experienced a similar situation?

FAIL TRACKERThis is how your favorite NFL team failed you in 2015. Tracking the 20 NFL teams that won't be making the playoffs, and why they died.

CONCUSSIONS: NFL will penalize teams that violate medical protocols. The league doesn't want another Case Keenum situation happening. Everyone from players to medical personnel will be subject to discipline from the NFL for future medical protocol violations.

QUINN TO IR: Rams Place Robert Quinn On IR. That didn't stop Aaron Donald from wrecking things on Thursday night.


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