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Incompetent referees are ruining the NFL

If you can't trust the refs to call a fair game, what's the point of even watching football?

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

REFS RUINING THE GAME: It's no secret that the NFL's referees have been beyond terrible this season. But the real problem is the risk it poses for the fans of the game. Perfection isn't the standard, but everyone should be able to have a reasonable expectation that the rules are being enforced fairly and correctly; too often, that's not happening.

TOO MANY MEN: The Broncos got away with a big one against the Patriots last week.

REFS DEMOTED: The NFL is cracking down on bad refs, kind of.

ALL GOOD: Baltimore was not offsides on the Browns' Monday night field goal attempt that ended with the kick-six, says the NFL.

WEEK 13 PICKS: There are actually people on our panel picking the Lions to beat the Packers on Thursday night. The Seahawks-Vikings game is even more divisive. Check out our picks for this week.

SIT OR STANDWhen should you sit and when should you stand at a football game?


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LOS ANGELES OR BUST: Owners are meeting in Texas today to try and get closer to deciding which team(s) get to move to Los Angeles. There's been some talk of delaying it, either by a few months or a full year, but a couple of influential owners want to get it done. One report said that several owners are lobbying to go with the Rams and Stan Kroenke's Inglewood stadium with a second team (perhaps the Chargers) folded in as a tenant.

COWBOYS QB: Jerry Jones says Tony Romo isn't even close to being done, but the Cowboys are still starting to think about his eventual replacement.

GOOD NEWS: Devon Still shared some great news about his daughter Leah.

BEST BUDS: Contrary to the narrative, Kirk Cousins and RG3 are actually pretty close friends.

HOVERING CAM: Cam Newton traded the Dab last weekend for a hover board, which he rode in a very dangerous place.

PLAYOFF PICTURECan the NFC North send three teams to the playoffs?

BETTER THAN BRADY: Eagles CB Byron Maxwell has a very hot take about who's the best QB in the NFL.

CHIP STAYS: Chip Kelly addressed the rumors about his job status with his players this week.

BUILD A BETTER PASS RUSHER: Lions DE Ziggy Ansah had a monster week against the Eagles.

FANTASY CORNER: Julio Jones burned his fantasy owners last week, so what's going to happen this week against the Bucs? Is Todd Gurley a top-10 running back anymore? Complete player rankings for Week 13 are here.