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NFL thinks Odell Beckham Jr. helmet-to-helmet hit warranted ejection, per report

Beckham probably should have been ejected, and it sounds like the NFL agrees.

The NFL believes that New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. should have been ejected from Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthersaccording to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. Beckham got into several scuffles with Panthers cornerbacks Josh Norman and Cortland Finnegan, and was given a pair unnecessary roughness penalties in the game.

There were a couple big fights between the teams, and the Norman vs. Beckham battle was furious and intense throughout the entire game. But there was one play in particular in which Beckham looked to target Norman's head, a play that probably should have gotten Beckham thrown out of the game, and the NFL reportedly agrees.

After the game, Norman was clearly angry and he called for the NFL to take action against Beckham for his "malicious" helmet-to-helmet hit. He said the true nature of Beckham came out on Sunday as the "layers were peeled back."

If the NFL believes Beckham should have been ejected from the game, it's likely they believe he did enough to warrant a fine. Whether or not it will go a step further from that to a suspension remains is the big question.

Because he didn't get ejected, Beckham was able to torch Norman on a late-game touchdown that almost gave the Giants a win. Carolina managed to come back and remain undefeated, but had they not the lack of action from the referees in removing Beckham from the game would be a much bigger deal.

Beckham's status for Week 16 is a huge concern for the Giants, who fell a game back of Washington in the race for the NFC East. They don't have a shot at a wild card berth, and with just two games remaining they cannot afford another loss.