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Coaching the Dolphins and eating crap is basically the same thing for Dan Campbell

The Dolphins soon-to-be-fired interim head coach has a really gross way of thinking about losing.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

DON'T EAT CRAP: Soon-to-be fired Dolphins coach Dan Campbell made it very clear that "there's nothing fun about having crap in your mouth."

GHOST TOUCHDOWNS: The Saints scored three TDs on one drive and the Lions called 4 timeouts and none of it mattered. Even when the Saints score touchdowns, they don't score touchdowns. (Also, the Lions exploited a neat loophole in the NFL's playbook. Perhaps by accident).

LIONS WIN: 3 things we learned from Detroit's 35-27 road win. The Lions nearly gave the game away to the Saints, but they held on to win a game that has no impact on the playoffs. Matthew Stafford was nearly flawless. Watch Theo Riddick break ankles.

DANCE CONTEST: Matthew Stafford shocks MNF crew with a near-perfect Ray Lewis dance. Nobody saw this coming and Stafford was pretty dang good! Speaking of Ray Lewis ... Detroit’s Devin Taylor showed up in a T-Rex, handgun and snowflake suit.

SAINTS OUT: Saints officially eliminated from the playoff race. That's it for the Saints' season, pretty much.


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BREES' MILESTONE: Drew Brees becomes 4th player in NFL history to hit 60,000 career passing yards. At least Drew Brees made history.

ODELL SUSPENDED: Odell Beckham suspended for one game by the NFL for his actions in Sunday's game against the Panthers. Naturally, he's appealing it. His beef with the Panthers is somehow now about baseball bats. Hmmm, there might be something to this or it might just be a very well-timed leak.

WOODSON WILL HANG IT UP: Raiders Charles Woodson announces his retirement. As the season has progressed, the questions about whether Charles Woodson's 18th season in the NFL would be his last. Woodson left the possibility open all season long. Until now.

HONEY BADGER HURTTyrann Mathieu tears his ACL. Arizona will head into the playoffs without a key player on defense.

STAR WARS: The NFL's biggest Star Wars fan. Chiefs wideout Chris Conley is kind of obsessed.

WHAT'S MURRAY MAD ABOUT NOW: DeMarco Murray reportedly had a locker room meltdown. Eagles running back DeMarco Murray does not seem to be handling his demotion well.

STEELERS OFFENSE: Steelers Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown are rewriting the history books. It seems like there's barely a passing-receiving record that won't have these two guys' name on it before the end of the season.

DON'T CALL HIM A BUST: Joey Harrington reflects on the game of football. The former Lions quarterback laid bare his football career, including some revealing behind-the-scenes details about the Lions organization. Fascinating read.

POWER RANKINGS: NFL power rankings 2015, Week 16 ... The Steelers beat the Broncos to move up, while Green Bay knocked off Oakland to strengthen its hold on the NFC North. Where did you team land this week?

PRO BOWL: Pro Bowl 2016 roster selection show is happening tonight. The Pro Bowl roster selection show is set for Tuesday, where the full roster and teams will be announced.

REST THEM: Is Ron Rivera going to rest his starters or is 16-0 just too tempting for the Panthers?