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Broncos will stick with Brock Osweiler even after Peyton Manning's return

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports says the Denver Broncos are "Brock Osweiler's team the rest of the way."

Peyton Manning still hasn't returned from a foot injury, but even when he does, the Denver Broncos will stick with Brock Osweiler as the team's starting quarterback for the remainder of the season, according to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports.

"Early in the week it looked like there was a chance Peyton Manning could regain the starting role for the Denver Broncos and that was absolutely put on hold," Glazer said FOX NFL Sunday. "This is now Brock Osweiler's team. Brock Osweiler has a grade-two separated shoulder, yet he is the guy.

"I think John Elway is helping make that decision so much so that when Peyton Manning is practicing, he is not even with the team so as to not be a distraction. This is Brock Osweiler's team the rest of the way, barring some kind of collapse."

The Broncos won three consecutive games after Osweiler took over as the team's starter, but have since lost back-to-back games and are in danger of losing three straight for the first time since 2011. Despite a 10-4 record, the Broncos haven't yet clinched a spot in the playoffs and have multiple teams breathing down their neck.

Prior to leaving the lineup due to his torn plantar fascia, Manning wasn't playing well for the Broncos, despite leading the team to a 7-2 record in his nine starts. Even after sitting out for five games, Manning still leads the NFL in interceptions with 17 and threw just nine touchdown passes. On Saturday, a report linked Manning to human growth hormone, although he has vehemently denied the claims as "slapstick lies."

Osweiler, a second-round selection in the 2012 NFL Draft, threw just 30 passes in his first three NFL seasons and has eight touchdown passes with four interceptions in 2015.