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Cowboys lead list of potential landing spots for Johnny Manziel

Philadelphia, St. Louis and San Francisco are being thrown around, as well.

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With the Browns naming Austin Davis and not Johnny Manziel their starting quarterback in place of the injured Josh McCown, the speculation as to where Manziel will play next year has already begun. Atop the list of potential landing spots are the Dallas Cowboys.

"Jerry [Jones] wanted to draft him and was held at bay by others in the organization who opted and convinced him to go for Zack Martin," ESPN's Adam Schefter said Thursday morning on The Dan Patrick Show. "So, if Jerry Jones wanted him that badly and Johnny Manziel is probably going to be shipped out of Cleveland this offseason, Dallas would be one of the two or three logical landing spots."

It's been revealed before that Jones wanted to draft Manziel in 2014. Jones, reportedly, even wrote Manziel's name down on a draft card that he was set to hand in. Now that the 35-year-old Romo has had another season cut short by injury, it'd make sense for the Cowboys to be in pursuit of a younger quarterback.

Schefter also brought up the Rams and 49ers as potential suitors for Manziel.

"[The Rams] considered using their 2014 first-round pick on Manziel before opting for standout defensive tackle Aaron Donald instead," Schefter said.

"The 49ers, I think, have checked out Johnny Manziel from afar," Schefter said. "Colin Kaepernick has been banished, essentially, from that organization. Nobody expects him back."

Schefter added that none of this information was coming directly from sources within the specific organizations, labeling it "educated speculation."

Patrick asked about the chances of Chip Kelly and the Eagles being interested in Manziel. Schefter confirmed that the Eagles could be a possible fit. Quarterback Sam Bradford's contract expires at the end of this season, and Kelly's been known to make attention-grabbing roster moves.

"[Kelly's] got to find somebody to run that offense," Schefter said. Manziel at one point committed to play for Kelly at Oregon before changing his mind and going to Texas A&M.

Manziel, who the Browns selected No. 22 overall in the 2014 draft, reportedly fell into bad graces with Cleveland management after lying about his activities during the team's Week 11 bye weekVideos and pictures purportedly showing Manziel partying and drinking had surfaced online, but when asked about them by the Browns, Manziel, who spent 10 weeks in a rehab clinic in January, reportedly informed the team that the videos were old.

But while Manziel was benched last week and bypassed by the Browns this week, head coach Mike Pettine did say he could get another shot on the field this season.

"It's safe to say now that this is a weekly thing," he said.

Manziel has started five games in his career and appeared in 12. He's completed 58 percent of his passes and five touchdowns and four interceptions.

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