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Chip Kelly, Jeff Fisher and the other NFL coaches who screwed up and should probably be fired

The Onside Kick Family Hour is back and we're putting coaches on the hot seat ... where they belong!

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Stephen, Danny and I are back at the podcasting game after a week off to digest pumpkin pie, turkey, stuffing and all the other Thanksgiving goodness. Nourished, yet hungry for more football talk, we jumped right back into the swing of things this week. It's Week 13 in the NFL. There are five weeks of the season left, so let's jump right into the mix.

This week on the Internet's ONLY* NFL podcast, we're discussing ...

  • WTF Packers? What is wrong with your offense? Is it possible that Aaron Rodgers is human after all?
  • Are you ready for the HOT SEAT (sung to the tune of Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff")?
  • Does Chip Kelly deserve another year in Philly?
  • Why does Jeff Fisher get a lifetime coaching gig to be sub .500?
  • Jim Caldwell might actually save his ass in Detroit.
  • Gus Bradley has some questions to answer for in his third terrible season in Jacksonville.
  • Chuck Pagano, more like Chuck PagOUTo ... or something like that.
  • The Vikings are pretty good. Here's why.
  • Adrian Peterson is a top three pick for the MVP award, and he probably won't get a second look.
  • We STILL can't figure out the damn Seahawks.
  • And more ... more ... MORE!

You can listen above, or you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, if that's your sort of thing.

*May not be the Internet's only NFL podcast.