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The NFC East playoff picture is getting really ugly

Someone has to win this terrible division, unfortunately.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Monday's game was 58 minutes of terrible football capped off with a wild two minutes to decide the game, a 19-16 Dallas win over Washington. Yes, Dallas' playoff hopes in the awful NFC East are still, somehow, alive.

PLAYOFF PICTURE: It's a three-way tie atop the NFC East, and no team has a winning record.

WILD FINISH: Let's relive the final sequence, because it's totally understandable if you went to bed before this one was over. DeSean Jackson fumbled a punt return and it was another close call. ----> Dallas scored. -----> Jackson caught a 30-yard touchdown pass to tie the game. ----> Dallas got the ball, went 20 yards and kicked a game-winning 54-yard field goal.

BLAME HIM: Jackson knew he cost his team the win with the fumble, admitting as much after the game.

TABLET FAIL: Are you reading this on a tablet? Is it working? Good. You're already better off than Dallas and Washington were on Monday night when their Surface tablets and printers broke.

DEZ MAD: The frustration was getting to Dez Bryant on the sideline, as usual.

NEW NAME: ESPN may have solved the issue with Washington's team name.


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POWER RANKINGS: The Panthers are the best team in the NFL, still, but the real story here is the fall of the Patriots.

JOHNNY TIME AGAIN: The Browns are making Johnny Manziel the starter again two weeks after benching him. It's part of the issues unfolding behind the scenes in Cleveland, something that the head coach elaborated on in a very frank press conference.

TEDDY vs. PETERSON: Adrian Peterson was supposed to help Teddy Bridgewater, right? So what's going on with the Vikings offense then?

BENCHED: Why is a little kid benching Broncos pass rusher DeMarcus Ware?

FREE AGENT BUST: The Seahawks released terrible cornerback Cary Williams less than a year after he signed an $18 million contract.

HYPE VIDEO: This Cam Newton hype video will have you dabbing all over the office today.

BLAME GAME: The Rams fired their offensive coordinator, and head coach Jeff Fisher blamed the players ... really.