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Tony Dungy defends his Bobby Wagner MVP vote

Television talking head Tony Dungy offered up justification for his unusual most valuable player pick.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

There weren't many surprises from Saturday night's NFL awards show, NFL Honors. The voting breakdown for the MVP award, ultimately won by Aaron Rodgers, raised a few eyebrows when Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner received a vote from former NFL head coach and current NBC yakker Tony Dungy.

Dungy explained his unusual pick Sunday morning.

Wagner played 11 games this season, and the Seahawks' defense was noticeably better with its middle linebacker suited up and in the game. It was still an unusual pick. Wagner did not receive a vote for the Defensive Player of the Year award. J.J. Watt was a unanimous pick for that one. However, it's harder to make a case Wagner was more valuable to his team than Watt or Rodgers or any of the other players who received votes for the award.

The final voting breakdown went like this: Rodgers, 31; Watt, 13; DeMarco Murray, 2; Tony Romo, 2; Tom Brady, 1; Wagner, 1.