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Puppy Bowl 2015 lineup, streaming, TV schedule and more

Puppy Bowl! Puppy Bowl! Puppy Bowl! Puppy Bowl! Puppy Bowl! Puppy Bowl! Puppy Bowl! Puppy Bowl!

The Super Bowl is here, but more importantly, THE PUPPY BOWL IS HERE!!!!!!!!!

The Puppy Bowl is not an actual football game. It is puppies running around, edited by Animal Planet to have some sort of football-themed storyline. There is a referee, but there are no rules that he is required to make calls based off of. The primary goal of the Puppy Bowl is maximizing cuteness, and they do a very good job.

For the first year, there is some semblance of an actual sporting event -- Team Ruff is playing against Team Fluff. We don't quite know how scoring will work, but Team Ruff is somehow a 3-point favorite.

You can also play Fantasy Puppy Bowl! And Seth Rosenthal is here to remind you that THE PUPPY BOWL IS A FARCE.ere's everything you need to know about Puppy Bowl XI

Date: Sunday, Feb. 1 (same day as the Super Bowl!)

Time: 3 p.m. ET (and repeating pretty much all day afterwards)

Channel: Animal Planet

Lineup: You can see pictures of all the puppies playing in the Puppy Bowl at this link.