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Super Bowl squares results: 3rd quarter good for double 4s

Here's who won your squares game for the third quarter.

The Super Bowl is three quarters of the way done, and with one quarter left to play, the Seattle Seahawks are leading the New England Patriots by a score of 24-14. Here's what that means for the people playing the Super Bowl squares game at your party: whoever has the square with the Seahawks at 4 and the Patriots at 4 gets the prize for the third quarter.

Super Bowl squares is the most basic of all the NFL-related fantasy football games and gambling angles, the one everyone in your house can play (though technically some states have rules) about who, when and where can make a numbered line graph on a piece of poster board and wager stakes on what combination of numbers are there.

For a quick refresher, the typical squares game has payouts at the end of each quarter, and some square masters like to up the payout for the halftime and final scores. There's even a strategy for playing this game, albeit not a very complex one.