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Super Bowl score: Seahawks, Patriots tied after 1 quarter of play

The Super Bowl is tied with no scores after one quarter of play.

Super Bowl 49 is officially underway, and after one quarter of play, the game is all tied up. The New England Patriots were closest to scoring, but were picked off by the Seattle Seahawks just outside of the end zone near the end of the quarter.

The Seahawks won the coin toss, elected to defer, and managed to hold the Patriots to a single first down before the first controversial call of the game came through. The Seahawks were called for running into the kicker on New England's punt, but the Seattle player clearly ran into the plant leg of the punter, which should draw a 15-yard roughing penalty, giving the Patriots a first down. It was called wrong and Seattle took over.

One interesting thing to happen on the opening drive: Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman missed a tackle on the second play from scrimmage. Sherman had the angle but the New England receiver got away from him. It wasn't a huge deal but it's something to keep note of throughout the game, given that Sherman was dealing with a significant elbow injury from the NFC Championship.

New England started driving on its second possession, moving down the field with multiple short gains, but Tom Brady was picked off by Jeremy Lane near the end zone to kill that scoring opportunity. The Seahawks took over with under two minutes in the opening frame, and they're currently on the move.