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Super Bowl halftime show 2015: Katy Perry kills it

Katy Perry was the performer at halftime, and she did a damn fine job blasting her wide array of pop hits.

Perry opened with "Roar" -- that was the favorite, with 3/2 odds, tied with "Firework" -- and did so while riding a giant mecha lion:

Perry sang "Teenage Dream" with some anthropomorphic beach balls and sharks and palm trees:

(It made more sense when she sang "California Gurls" with the same setup.)

Perry got carried away from the star from The More You Know during "Firework":

(Here you go:)

And of course, there were fireworks:

Perry's guests were Lenny Kravitz -- who came out for a rendition of "I Kissed A Girl" -- and Missy Elliott, who literally stole the show from Perry for three songs:

If you placed a prop bet on what Perry would wear or what color hair she'd have, here are the results of those bets.

Perry's setlist:


Dark Horse (sadly without Juicy J)

I Kissed A Girl (ft. Lenny Kravitz)

Teenage Dream

California Gurls (sadly without Snoop Dogg)

Missy Elliott's set

Get Your Freak On

Work It

Lose Control

Okay back to Katy Perry