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2015 Super Bowl prop bet results: Spread, over/under, MVP, national anthem, crotch grab and more

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We've got a rundown on some of the many notable bets people placed on Super Bowl 49.

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The New England Patriots are officially Super Bowl champions, edging out the Seattle Seahawks by a final score of 28-24. It was an incredibly wild game, with the Seahawks having first and goal with a minute left. However, a Russell Wilson interception cost them, and the Patriots won their fourth Lombardi Trophy.

For the gamblers of the world, there were a lot of ways to win some money on what was a relative snoozer of a game. If you bet on the Patriots, they covered a spread that was in flux, but close throughout. At varying points the Patriots ranged from two-point underdogs to two-point favorites. The point total was set at 47.5-points, and the Patriots final touchdown put the game OVER, with 52 total points.

There were plenty of player and novelty props to keep you entertained. Tom Brady took home the MVP award, capturing his third such trophy. He was the favorite for the award, with 8/5 odds. Brady mentioned his teammates first, which was a favorite at 3/2 odds.

The national anthem remains a popular bet each year. The over/under was set at 2 minutes, 1 second, following Idina Menzel's 2:01 performance in the Major League Baseball All Star Game this past summer. Menzel started slow and just went OVER, finishing with a time of 2:04.

The Gatorade bath is another fun one. This year, the Patriots doused winning coach Bill Belichick with blue gatorade. Orange was the favorite following the Seahawks' decision to use it last season, while blue had the second-worst odds at 15/2.

There was one interesting prop bet revolving around running back Marshawn Lynch. set odds on whether Lynch would grab his crotch after scoring a touchdown. He had been threatened with a fine after doing it twice over the last two months. Although Lynch scored, he did not grab his crotch. Those odds were set at 1/6, while him grabbing his crotch was set at 4/1.

Finally, we go back to the beginning. The coin toss has 50/50 odds, but many people believe "tails never fails." It did indeed come up tails and the Patriots lost the call. This marked the second straight season the coin landed on tails.