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Deion Branch and Greg Jennings have a controversial take on chicken wings

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Wait, how do they prefer their wings?

Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

Deion Branch and Greg Jennings were both promoting TGI Fridays Happy Every Hour at the Super Bowl, and when SB Nation talked to the wide receivers about their latest endorsement, both had the courage to reveal a very personal and potentially controversial opinion.

"Me, personally, I'm a wings guy," said Branch, when I asked what his favorite happy hour nibble is.

Ok, cool.

"Boneless wings," he added.

Woah -- boneless? Some would call that not a wing, but a glorified chicken nugget.

Greg Jennings also said he gets his wings without those pesky bones.

"Number one, I have kids so we have to keep it simple and easy," he said. "I prefer the bone, but having four kids and getting them to the point where you can just eat them. I've just gotten used to boneless. You can just pop them in your mouth like popcorn."

Both men prefer ranch, which is a fairly safe choice. Jennings even went so far as to get philosophical about ranch dressing's biggest competitor

"What is blue cheese?" he asked. "Is cheese really blue?"

It really makes you think.

In between the wings and ranch debate, Branch answered a few Last Things questions.

Deion Branch, what was the last...

Movie you saw

22 Jump Street. I just saw it on the plane. I didn't see the first one. I'm going to watch the first one now.

Book you read

My auntie, she actually wrote a book, talking about what she's going through with her cancer. I thought it was interesting just to hear that other side of my aunt.

She's in a positive place right now.

Thing you cooked

I think I made some breakfast for my daughters. Pancakes, eggs and sausage.

Song that was stuck in your head

That Katy Perry song, "Firework." I'm a big fan of Katy.

Thing you took a picture of

Me and Rodney Harrison. He brought up the MVP thing, and how they stole the MVP award from him. He had a great game, and had they not sent the ballot in so fast, he probably would have won.

Person you texted

My wife, and a couple of my business partners. Real estate. I got a lot of stuff going on.

Time you cried

Two weeks ago. Me discussing a lot of stuff with my son. He sees a lot of things about how he is raised and how his dad was raised, and it's two totally different environments. We talked about how you can never take anything for granted. His environment right now, he's around a bunch of spoiled kids. And is that my fault? Probably so, but at the same time I want my kids to have the best. I also want them to understand that every kid is not in your position. He's my son, and I never thought I'd be having this conversation. And we're standing eye to eye. It's tough. And he sat there and shed some tears. And I told him, it's not that I'm being hard on him. I just want him to be aware of things.

Time you were scared

I'm scared of God. That's about it. Actually, when I tore my ACL. I injured myself, but I didn't know what happened because I was able to walk. My fear was, man, this is my ACL. I know what this injury comes with and how strong you have to be. I was very fearful before they told me the news.


I'm always on Google. Me and my guys were looking up some stuff because we got into an argument about the Splash Brothers.