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Reddit debates the best worst team in NFL history

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It's cold out, and we're so far away from the start of training camp and preseason. Curl up with a discussion about nonsense to keep yourself warm.

The NFL offseason is a frightening time when the only topics of conversation are circuitous NFL Draft and free agency arguments that wear thin long before draft day comes or a contract is finally signed. For most, the best part about football is football, and unfortunately no NFL game will actually take place until preseason begins in August.

But take heart! The human imagination can be the calming balm to your chapped soul. Thought exercises can lead a person down a deep, dark hole from which one may not emerge from for months, and for some this is the desired outcome. To bastardize a pretty good Modest Mouse song, we're trying to think away the part of the day that we cannot sleep away.

Reddit knows how to waste your time better than just about anything in this world. Recently, a user on r/NFL posed a very important question:

If the worst team from every team's history (post-merger) was to play for a season, who would win the Super Bowl?

Naturally, as is often the case on Reddit, someone took the topic and ran away with it.


And as is also often the case on Reddit, someone else countered.


So there you have it! The 1986 Green Bay Packers are the best worst NFL team in history. Well, at least by one methodology. If you go purely by record, the 2007 Baltimore Ravens and 1970 Pittsburgh Steelers are clearly lead the pack, each recording more wins (five) during their worst season than any other franchises. The winner of this titanic, time-travelling rivalry bout?


Sorry u/Fokken__Prawns.

There is plenty of great discussion in the thread. Check it out, and enjoy your time away from the cold reality that it's the middle of February right now.