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Doug Baldwin pretended to poop out a football at the Super Bowl because of Darrelle Revis

Baldwin was flagged for his touchdown celebration in the Super Bowl, and now he explains what he was thinking.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin was flagged in Super Bowl XLIX for pretending to poop out a football after scoring a touchdown. During an apology Monday on 710 ESPN Seattle, Baldwin stated the act was directed at New England Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Immediately after the Super Bowl, Baldwin said the celebration "is between me and the guy it was directed at." On the radio Monday night, Baldwin expounded, per ESPN:

"I spent a lot of time those two weeks prior to getting ready for that game just focused on my individual matchup with him and I put a lot into it, and in that moment, I guess you could say it was just kind of a built-up frustration I was letting out in that sequence, you know, between him and I," Baldwin said Monday night. "Obviously there was competitive stuff going on in that game, and in that moment, I just let out what I felt personally."

The Patriots did not score on the following possession, so Baldwin's penalty did not cost the Seahawks any points. Still, it was a moment which upset plenty of fans around the country, and was bad enough that NBC did not air any replay of the celebration.

"I do regret the fact that it cost my team 15 yards, and to the fans, ultimately I apologize to anybody I offended in any way," Baldwin said. "It wasn't about that. I just think it was a competitive situation. So to all the 12s, all the fans, that's not what it's about. So I apologize to anyone if I offended you."

"In that moment, it was just a reaction," he added later in the show. "So obviously if I could go back, I would take it back."

For Baldwin, the 3-yard score was his only catch of the game, with teammates Chris MatthewsRicardo Lockette and Jermaine Kearse getting most of the action.

The celebration cost Baldwin $11,000 when the NFL fined him for the display. He was the second Seattle player in the postseason to get fined after scoring a touchdown. Marshawn Lynch received a $20,000 fine for grabbing his crotch against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC title game.