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Dez Bryant cares about the Cowboys, wishes they felt the same

Free-agency limbo appears to be wearing thin for Bryant, who is hoping for a long-term contract extension along with teammate DeMarco Murray.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Dez Bryant doesn't feel that his love for the Dallas Cowboys is being reciprocated. When a fan expressed on Twitter how much he/she appreciates Bryant's love for the team, Bryant responded "I wish They [sic] felt the same way but it's cool.. It's #business."

Bryant is one of the Cowboys' biggest-name impending free agents, alongside running back DeMarco Murray. Both would like a long-term contract, but it's unclear how Dallas will afford to pay two offensive superstars. On Tuesday morning, a Dallas Morning News report suggested that the Cowboys were leaning toward giving Bryant the team's franchise tag for 2015, which would pay Bryant well but leave him with an uncertain future once again after the season.

It's possible that Bryant's tweet was in reaction to the report, or he may simply be tired of remaining in limbo. The Cowboys appear to be waiting to hear what the new salary cap number will be for next season. Owner and general manager Jerry Jones confirmed that the teams was leaning toward tagging Bryant, but did not close the possibility of a long-term deal, via the The Dallas Morning News:

"Right now all things being equal, it's leaning more Dez with the franchise than it is not," Jones said. "But that doesn't mean it will stay that way.

"We don't ever want to give up on a long-term deal," Jones continued. "It's something we worked on all of last year and it kind of cooled off once we got into the season. We'll continue to see what our options are and things happen quickly as you go along. Things can go along with a lot not going on, but all of a sudden it happens."

The Cowboys have no plans as of yet to meet with Bryant's representatives, though it appears that the franchise is committed to retaining the wide receiver somehow. Unfortunately for Bryant, Dallas may not be as loving as it could be.