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Robert Griffin III will be Washington's starting quarterback in 2015

Head coach Jay Gruden cleared up his team's QB picture on Wednesday afternoon.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

INDIANAPOLIS -- Robert Griffin III will be atop the quarterback depth chart when Washington resumes practicing this year. Head coach Jay Gruden acknowledged as much during his Wednesday afternoon press conference at the NFL Combine.

"We'll go into the season with Robert as the number one guy," Gruden said.

Gruden was quick and to the point, answering that question right off the bat. He also made it clear that the team had a list of things they expect RGIII to work on before the season starts, from footwork to anticipating his throws. Griffin is currently working with his private quarterback coach, Terry O'Shea. When he returns later in the spring for official practices with Washington, he'll have another coach working with him after the team hired quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh.

"He works hard on his body and his strength," Gruden said. "We will have some things he can work on to get better. Hiring Matt Cavanaugh as a quarterbacks coach will only help.

"It's up to us to make sure he plays better."

Each coach and general manager gets roughly 15 minutes to answer questions at the combine. Gruden showed up eight minutes late and breezed through his truncated session, spending roughly half the time talking about the fourth-year quarterback.

He did not address reports that surfaced late last year about Kirk Cousins wanting to be traded if Griffin was the starter. Cousins is spending time during the offseason with Jon Gruden working on his skill set and preparing for the 2015 season. Washington running back Alfred Morris is joining Cousins for the workouts with the elder Gruden in Florida.