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The guy who made the Seahawks' dreadful play call blamed his wide receiver

Not a good look.

Pretty much nobody was okay with the Seahawks' decision to throw the ball on the one-yard line with a few seconds left in the Super Bowl, a play that resulted in a game-ending interception. Players around the NFL criticized it. Players on the Seahawks criticized it.shellshocked Pete Carroll took full responsibility.

The one person who seemed somewhat alright with the call?

The thing he had a problem with? Ricardo Lockette's effort:

SB Nation presents: Final thoughts on the unbelievable finish to Super Bowl XLIX

This is a bad look for Bevell. He made a call. That call was for a converted track star with 18 career receptions to fight for a ball on the goal line.

It's probably true that Lockette could have gone stronger to the ball. But the problem here is not how Lockette played in that situation. The problem here is that Lockette was in that situation to begin with, and Bevell was the person who put him there.

(Also, let's give Malcolm Butler the credit he deserves for recognizing the route and making a spectacular play on the football. A tremendous play by the undrafted rookie out of West Alabama.)