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Todd Gurley refuses medical check at NFL Combine

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The Georgia running back is recovering from a torn ACL.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The medical check at the NFL Scouting Combine provides teams their first opportunity to acquire information about players they might be interested in drafting. That will not be the case with Georgia's Todd Gurley, who has refused to allow doctors to examine him in Indianapolis, according to Mike Silver of

Gurley entered 2014 as the top draft prospect at running back. However, he tore his ACL after returning from a two-game suspension for his involvement in a sports memorabilia scandal. The injury, suffered in November, was expected to keep Gurley out of workouts until sometime after the draft. Still, it's strange for a player to prevent teams from inspecting him.

While it's not necessarily indicative of long-term concern, Gurley's decision might raise red flags for NFL front offices. Not only will Gurley be asked to return later in the process for a medical recheck, but he could also be the subject of rumor and innuendo regarding his recovery until then.

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