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Vic Beasley demands your attention

Too bad the Combine the doesn't matter, right?

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

It doesn't matter how many times you told your friends and followers that 40 times are just a media conspiracy and that the Combine just "doesn't matter." While you were grinding tape Sunday morning, defensive linemen were putting on a pretty impressive display of athleticism -- especially Vic Beasley.

The Clemson defensive end got started Saturday bench pressing 225 pounds 35 times and nobody else in his position group had more. Beasley produced a 4.66 on his first 40 attempt. On his second, he ran a 4.53 -- FOUR FIVE THREE.

He told the media earlier in the week that he'd been running in the 4.6-4.7 range in workouts.

Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota ran a 4.52. Beasley was faster than almost half of the wide receivers who ran the 40 this week. It matches Jadeveon Clowney's 40 time from last year's Combine.

Not content to just to show off his speed, Beasley continued his morning with a 41-inch vertical jump and a 10'10 broad jump. He's a Rodin sculpture made out of C4 and wrapped in revealing green tights just to give off the appearance that he really is human.

Something else you may have missed while grinding all that tape? Beasley shattered a backboard with a dunk in 2009.