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Johnny Manziel voluntarily checked into inpatient rehab, per report

The Cleveland Browns quarterback decided he needed to get help last Tuesday and began the process of finding it.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel voluntarily checked himself into an inpatient rehab facility last Wednesday, according to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Manziel left Cleveland last Tuesday to inform those closest to him about his decision and then checked into a facility that the Browns were familiar with near Cleveland.

Cabot states that Manziel is attending the facility to be treated for a "possible dependence on alcohol" but never expressly states what Manziel will be specifically treated for.

Going forward, it is unclear if Manziel will be put into the NFL's substance abuse program. If he is, the league will not make that information public, allowing Manziel to deal with those steps privately. The determining factor is whether doctors believe Manziel needs to be placed in the program, per NFL spokesman Greg Aiello.

Manziel, 22, has been in the headlines for his party habits all too often, most notably when he was spotted in a Las Vegas bathroom with a rolled up $20 bill and for holding a party the night before the team's Week 17 walkthrough.

Over at Dawgs By Nature, Chris Pokorny wrote about how Manziel's situation affects the Browns on the field heading into the 2015 offseason.

We can only hope this is a positive sign for Manziel. However, rehab isn't some guaranteed cure-all to turn Manziel into the type of person who fans and the organization want him to be. I think the team will still undoubtedly look to add a quarterback who could start this season, whether that be Brian Hoyer, somebody else in free agency, or a player in the draft.

A timetable has not been established for Manziel's treatment plan, but Cabot notes that most inpatient facilities begin with a 28-30 day program. From there, Manziel's treatment will be catered to his needs.