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Marshawn Lynch won't be fined for Super Bowl Media Day

The NFL confirmed that Lynch fulfilled all of his media obligations, and that his controversial "Beast Mode" hat did not violate league policy.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch made headlines leading up the Super Bowl for his standoffish behavior with reporters and for wearing a "Beast Mode" hat at Media Day that possibly violated league policy. There was speculation that Lynch could have been fined for either or both of those incidents, but NFL spokesman Michael Signora confirmed to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network on Wednesday that Lynch will not receive any discipline relating to the hat or his media antics.

The league said that Lynch fulfilled all of his media obligations during Super Bowl week -- he was there so he wouldn't get fined, and he didn't. The NFL also noted that the hat Lynch wore during his media sessions was made and given to him by an officially licensed brand, New Era, and therefore he was not in violation of league policy.

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It was purported that because the hat -- which featured a prominent "Beast Mode" logo on the front -- promoted Lynch's personal brand, it was in violation of league policy. The rules state that players cannot wear a brand that has not been approved by the NFL during press conferences or on the field. However, apparently the league felt that because the hat was made by an official licensee and was in the team's colors, it was acceptable for Lynch to wear it during the week.

Lynch was previously fined $100,000 for not speaking with the media in November.