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Rise & Grind: Darrelle Revis made the right decision

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The Jets got their man, and their man got PAID. Plus, recapping the rest of a wild Tuesday on the NFL hot stove.

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I spent about five hours yesterday trying to wrap my head around the Sam Bradford-Nick Foles trade (two hours just trying to figure out the conditional pick). It was kind of a relief when the Darrelle Revis news broke. An old fashioned, straight-forward big money free agent signing.

The Jets, John Idzik specifically, got crucified for not doing enough, not spending enough. Trading Revis to the Buccaneers and then watching him go to the Patriots, the eventual Super Bowl champs, became the impresa for a team trudging toward irrelevancy.

Beating the Patriots for Revis, reclaiming the best player the franchise has had in a decade or so was a psychological victory. Once the various insiders started talking about Woody Johnson's determination to get Revis back in the fold, we had a good idea about what was going to happen. Never underestimate a billionaire's wounded ego either.

As for Revis, good for him. Defensive players are getting paid -- as in PAAAAAID -- right now, just look at the Ndamukong Suh deal in Miami, assuming it gets signed, along with deals like one Byron Maxwell signed, J.J. Watt's contract extension, etc. Revis knows what he's worth. He's bounced around for the last two seasons because teams were hesitant to pony up a deal approaching the $70 million with $39 million fully guaranteed. The Bucs and Patriots danced around it with screwy deals that never lasted more than a year. One of the league's best cornerbacks, ever, got a contract reflecting the kind of player he is.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Revis has a ring, so don't listen to hotheads talking about his legacy. (Do you really think Skip Bayless is going to take a pay cut because ESPN asks him to choose whatever kind of shitty legacy a debate show host has instead of a raise?) Revis will be 30 when the season starts. Get it while you can.

It's easy to look at this deal, see the kind of needs the Jets have on their roster and think that they're falling into some kind of Dan Snyder-esque trap. I'm not sure they are. They have a ton of cap space and legal obligation to spend their way up to the salary spending floor spelled out in the 2011 CBA. Teams got a $10 million bump in the cap this year because the NFL is one of the few things keeping broadcast television in the black, and the league is practically drowning in money, for a little while anyway, because of it. Spend it. Flags fly forever, but so do massive, well-managed trusts.

That's a basic set of motivations, about as basic as you can get.

Now, as for the rest of the news from Monday ...

Ngata to the Lions

Not a bad way to replace Suh, is it? The reunion of Haloti Ngata and defensive coordinator Teryl Austin (Austin was a Ravens assistant for three seasons) is definitely something to be excited about in Detroit.

The compensation the Ravens got for Ngata didn't sit well with some in Baltimore. Lions fans aren't having a problem with it.

This is business for Ozzie Newsome, finding a way to make something out of a tough situation when negotiations with one of his prized players didn't drum up any answers. The Ravens might have a tougher time in the AFC North race in what's looking like a transition year there. Then again, don't be surprised if they're just fine; Newsome makes transition smooth.

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The Bradford-Foles trade

There's a lot going on here. Rumors about flipping Sam Bradford for a trade up are fun to talk about, more fun than imagining Bradford and his 6.7 yards per attempt in Chip Kelly's offense at least. The Eagles at least can take a one-year flier on him, hope that he can get a little closer to his ceiling than he did with the chronically mismanaged Rams. If not, there's one year left on his contract.

The Eagles can still find a quarterback in the draft this year, just not the most obvious connection. Maybe Kelly sees Brett Hundley and thinks it's a guy he can mold. Remember when everyone thought USC safety Taylor Mays to Pete Carroll's Seahawks was a lock, and then Seattle took Earl Thomas instead? How'd that work out for Seattle?

Rams fans seem pretty excited about it. Eagles fans ... not so much.

Here are the details of the trade if you're still trying to figure those out.

Jimmy Graham is going to Seattle

Consider your goalposts warned! Trading away a player like that is always a stunner, but the Saints need draft picks to get the next wave of young talent and prevent salary cap purgatory from turning into salary cap hell. Seattle gets the kind of playmaker they've been trying to get for awhile now. No more throwing to Ricardo Lockette on the most important play of the year!

Shocker: Pete Carroll is really excited!

The Colts were really busy

Indianapolis added a pair of veterans for the offense -- Frank Gore and Andre Johnson -- who should be real assets in that offense.

They also signed defensive tackle Kendall Langford.

Raiders sign Roy Helu

He's a solid role player for Oakland.

Jake Locker retired

That might have gone under the radar since the news broke about an hour before everyone started trading away their top players. Locker hasn't had much interest, though it is early, at a time when the league is hurting for quarterbacks. Injuries have taken a heavy toll on his young career too. Maybe he'll try to play baseball. Maybe he'll just go sell insurance.

Titans fans said goodbye.

Teams courting Murray

DeMarco Murray is getting plenty of interest. The Cowboys aren't out of the picture, according to the rumor mill, despite his recent social media decisions. The Jaguars are interested, so are the Raiders and others. So are the Eagles.

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