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Tim Tebow worked out with Eagles

What the hell is Chip Kelly doing?

Just in case you weren't already confused by what Chip Kelly was doing with the Philadelphia Eagles' roster this offseason, here comes some even more befuddling news. The Eagles are working out former NFL quarterback Tim Tebowaccording to Adam Schefter and it's since been confirmed by the team.

It is just a workout at this point, so probably best to hold off on the fiery takes. Schefter later tweeted:

Kelly confused the punditry last week when Philadelphia acquired Tebow's fellow 2010 NFL Draft pick Sam Bradford, the first overall pick that year, in exchange for Nick Foles and some draft picks. They also re-signed Mark Sanchez to a two-year deal, giving them an inspiring one-two punch at the position.

Tebow's busied himself most recently as a college football talking head for ESPN. Though successful in that role, he hasn't given up on his goal of playing quarterback in the NFL ... for some reason. He hasn't actually played in a regular season game since 2012 with the Jets. A year after that he did a brief training camp stint with the Patriots, and that's where his NFL career stood.

In the past, he's been adamant about staying at quarterback, in spite of some suggestions that he convert to a tight end or a fullback. Tebow worked out as a quarterback with the Eagles.

It will be interesting to see what Kelly has in mind for the former Heisman winner, IF he gets past the workout and onto the roster.

This is also a wonderful time to read Jon Bois' Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles. A teaser:

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