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The Onside Kick Family Hour: Chris Borland, NFL free agency and more

SB Nation's NFL podcast -- featuring Stephen White, Danny Kelly and Ryan Van Bibber -- breaks down the best and worst from free agency, looks at potential rule changes and discusses Chris Borland's retirement.

It's finally here, the Internet's only* podcast dedicated entirely to the NFL, featuring the football musings of retired NFL defensive end Stephen White and NFL writer Danny Kelly.

This week, our topics include:

  • Chris Borland's retirement, from a former player's perspective
  • The commodification of football players ... FREE AGENCY!
  • Darrelle Revis, the 2015 Jets and the new AFC East landscape
  • Reacting to the big trades
  • The best and worst of free agency
  • Proposed rule changes
  • Our favorite draft prospects

Soon enough, we'll be available on iTunes, but for now you can enjoy the soothing sounds of The Onside Kick Family Hour via the SoundCloud embed.

*May not be the only NFL podcast.