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Johnny Manziel expected to be out of rehab in time for Browns offseason workouts

Johnny Manziel will likely be out of rehab in time for Cleveland's offseason workouts, though whether he'll be able to participate is up to the people in charge of his recovery.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns expect quarterback Johnny Manziel to be out of rehab in time for offseason workouts beginning on April 20, according to ESPN. Manziel has been in rehab since checking into a facility on Jan. 28, and though it's unclear when his release from the program will come, the report states that Manziel needs to complete "more than two months of treatment."

General manager Ray Farmer spoke on the issue on Monday, saying that Manziel's appearance at the workouts is not "in doubt," but added that he is "not the point person in that." Farmer said that the people in charge of Manziel's recovery will decide whether the second-year quarterback can participate in the workouts.

Manziel's release is expected to come in early April, according to the report. Of course, given the nature of rehab, Manziel could be out before or after that point -- it's more likely a goal than a prediction.

The Browns also believe that Manziel can still compete for the starting quarterback job if he's healthy and in a good place. Farmer said that Manziel "should get every opportunity to be the guy," if he is "prepared and he demonstrates the things he needs to demonstrate."

Josh McCown will likely be Manziel's primary competition for the starting role. McCown was signed as a free agent this offseason, while Cleveland let incumbent starter Brian Hoyer walk.

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