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Rex Ryan has no use for Darrelle Revis, is the same as ever

Meetings with coaches Tuesday confirmed a couple things we've always known: Rex Ryan is an audacious man and head coaches will stick by their quarterbacks until they don't.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

NFL owners meetings provide media the opportunity to sit down with head coaches. This means that Rex Ryan once again went on-record with bravado.

On other offers if Doug Marrone hadn't left Buffalo: "Don't know if I'd have taken them."

On the Jets bringing back Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie: "I don't know if we could have used 'em. They might have been backups."

On the Patriots: "They're clearly the team to beat and we're coming after them."

On the Kiko Alonso-LeSean McCoy trade: "I recognize this guy is a heck of a football player, there's no question about it, and a young talented guy, but what LeSean would bring to us, we felt really good about it. "

The comments don't live up to Ryan's spiciest soundbites while he was with the New York Jets, but at least this is a sign that he is still himself: Still confident, still gunning for the Patriots, and still unconcerned with what anyone else is doing.

Todd Bowles says he's "open to the best player available" at No. 6

Meanwhile, the Jets' new head coach doesn't appear to be considering moving from the No. 6 overall spot in the 2015 NFL Draft, unless of course another team is willing to pony up:

Bowles also said Geno Smith will enter training camp as the starting quarterback (not much of an admission given that Ryan Fitzpatrick is hurt), but left open a possibility that the Jets target a rookie quarterback.

Sean Payton on Drew Brees: "He's going to be a part of our next championship"

The Saints' head coach reiterated Tuesday that the veteran quarterback is still in the team's long-term plans (not that it can get away from his massive contract). The questions are somewhat understandable considering the Saints' eventful offseason, however.

Via Fox Sports:

"Yeah, it's not that time. ... We're not interested in moving on from Drew Brees," Payton said. "He's going to be a part of our next championship."

Marvin Lewis on Andy Dalton: "We feel he's our quarterback"

The Bengals are sticking by Dalton through thick and thin, and also don't believe in quarterback competitions:

Mike McCoy planning on Philip Rivers retiring with the Chargers

Philip Rivers isn't happy about the idea of the franchise being moved to Los Angeles. The Chargers probably aren't thrilled to hear that. Rivers will be a free agent after next season, and is apparently willing to let his contract expire to give himself as much flexibility as possible over his future. For head coach Mike McCoy, however, life is breezy.


"The only thing I'm worried about is this next season. We can't worry about 2016 and beyond," McCoy added to NFL Media's Tiffany Blackmon. "He's under contract for this year, and we plan on Philip Rivers retiring a Charger."