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The NFL won't pay for end zone cameras and Bill Belichick isn't happy about it

Belichick voiced his displeasure and possibly included some profanity.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

To the public, Bill Belichick is the emotionless automaton that pilots the New England Patriots football machine toward perennial Super Bowl contention. However, he's a different man behind closed doors. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the four-time champion head coach went into a "profane" tirade during the annual owners meeting after the league refused to approve end zone cameras for play review.

Each year, teams can propose rules changes to be enacted the following season. The Patriots suggested adding cameras at the goal line to aid replay, though the league ultimately decided that the cost of installing the equipment outweighed the benefit of the additional replay views.

This apparently incensed Belichick. Per Schefter, Belichick went off on the assembled executives over the idea that the cameras were too expensive, citing the fact that the NFL spends money to send the Pro Bowl to Brazil and regular season games to London as a counter argument to those opposed to cost of the cameras. His outburst was apparently so profane that it led some in the room to laugh. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk tweeted that sources told him there wasn't a profane tirade. Either way, Belichick is reportedly not happy about the situation.

While the idea of Belichick losing his marbles over football is amusing, it does highlight some of the frustration those working in football have with league management. Adding cameras to the goal line could improve the product and the NFL continues to bring in record revenue. Yet the league has still declined the extra cost and instead seems more intent on spending to grow the game globally.