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Rise 'n Grind: The Falcons are in big trouble with the NFL

Fake crowd noise, angry Bill Belichick and lots more from Wednesday, the final day of the league's annual meetings.

ATLANTA IS IN TROUBLE: The NFL is reportedly going to come down hard on the Falcons for piping in artificial crowd noise. Fine. I'm more interested in seeing how the punishment for that shapes up against the punishment handed out for the league's other scandals.

FIRST PICK: The Buccaneers "have a new leader" for the first pick in the draft. Guess who? This is the least suspenseful first pick in a long time.

BELICHICK IS MAD: And he has every right to be. The NFL keeps saying that they don't have enough money to pay for cameras on the goal line, and Bill Belichick reportedly called them out on it behind closed doors at the league meetings this week.

GOODELL BOT TUNED UP: The sun must have done Roger Goodell's handlers some good. He was back in prime talking point mode this week.

CHANGE IS COMING: There's more than enough momentum behind the suggestions to change the way the NFL does the extra point kick. Right now, it's about forging the consensus for how to do that, and they have some interesting options to consider.

FISHER AT IT AGAIN: The Rams' head coach answered a ton of questions, but he never really said anything. Oh, he did mention that they might not be done collecting defensive linemen this year.

NOT HOW KELLY PLANNED IT: The Eagles' head coach said Wednesday morning that the club had initially wanted to keep Nick Foles. They tried to swap draft picks for Sam Bradford, but the Rams wanted players, specifically a quarterback since they were shipping theirs off to Philly.

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AGE LIMITS: Bob McNair, the Texans owner, gave a little more insight into the thinking behind letting Andre Johnson go this month. Something about not wanting to acknowledge he'd lost a step. Surely that won't come back to haunt Houston.

AN ISSUE FOR THE GIANTS: Besides talking about his cell phone woes, Tom Coughlin admitted that the safety position is a problem for the Giants. Worse, they don't have any easy answers to fix it this year.

STANDOFF: The Vikings and Adrian Peterson are running out of amicable solutions. He doesn't want to play there, but the team isn't willing to let him go so easily.

FLAVOR TOWN: Jay Gruden said that Washington currently has a good depth chart at quarterback, specifically, he's got "whatever flavor you want" when it comes to signal callers. But he's not ruling out adding taste to the mix with the fifth pick, if that quarterback just so happens to be the best player available.

THE DUDE ABIDES: Jim Tomsula spent less time talking about the specifics of his football team than he did "... life, man." The 49ers have yet another strange head coach.

COMFORTABLE SURROUNDINGS: Dannell Ellerbe, the Saints' new linebacker, could be in for a rebound year in 2015. Why? He's playing in a 3-4 defense again.

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