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Rise & Grind: The best kind of NFL free agent signings

Sometimes the best moves in free agency are keeping your own players.

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There's a good chance you're already upset about your team's free agent moves so far, even if it's nothing but a few rumors about what MIGHT happen floating around on Twitter. Welcome to the tampering period, a three-day window for the insiders to leak out just enough information to keep you on edge, but nothing actually happens.

Unless you're a fan of the Packers or Saints. In that case, you have some actual news to celebrate or commiserate with the teenagers down at the ol' message board.

Re-signing Randall Cobb was probably the best move for both the Packers and Cobb himself. I wanted to see the bidding war. He may have also come to the realization that he wasn't going to find a willing suitor to pay him what the Packers could offer. The Packers, for their part, probably gave Cobb a hard sell about Super Bowl possibilities, how much they want him back, etc.

They might've also held up the example of James Jones and a reminder that his best career move might not be playing for an extra million dollars a year in Oakland or Cleveland. Cobb will only be 28 years old when his new four-year, $40 million expires, giving him another shot at a free agent pay day.

Mark Ingram should also be happy that Mickey Loomis is apparently unburdened by his team's salary cap situation. The free agent market for running backs is loaded with talent. This year's draft class offers one of the best bunches of running backs to come out in a long time. A four-year deal worth $16 million was probably better than Ingram could've had anywhere else.

As for the Saints, it's a good enough move. Ingram racked up 964 yards on 226 carries with nine rushing touchdowns, finally shedding the part-time role he had for the first three years of his career. His contract isn't especially burdensome, but with the Saints over the cap and loaded with big ticket contracts you wonder if they couldn't have found a more reasonably priced option.

Headlines and further reading

- Frank Gore and the Eagles have mutual interest.

- Speaking of the Eagles, Jeremy Maclin reportedly wants $11 million per season. With Cobb getting $10 million per year, he just might get it.

- Re-signing Doug Free was a smart move for the Cowboys. The Cowboys are making smart decisions in free agency now ... what kind of world are we living in?

- The Chiefs want to keep center Rodney Hudson (a wise move), but he's going to have lots of spend-happy suitors in free agency.

- The Texans are keeping CB Kareem Jackson.

- Buffalo is trying to get a deal done with DE Jerry Hughes.

- Atlanta probably isn't going to re-sign LB Sean Weatherspoon. The Cardinals might sign him though.

- AJ McCarron is excited about backing up Andy Dalton, so at least someone is excited about Andy Dalton.

- Vegas has odds for where Adrian Peterson is going to land. Minnesota isn't one of them.

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