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Rise 'n Grind: What's next for Adrian Peterson?

He's back, but how long will Peterson be a Viking? Today's NFL news is heavy on superstar drama.

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

MORE PETERSON DRAMA: By the time you read this, Adrian Peterson will once again be an employee in good standing (mostly) with the National Football League. That sets up yet another superstar trade soap opera (assuming you're buying the Philip Rivers business) ahead of the NFL Draft.

His contract doesn't make for an easy swap, but it's not out of line with what the top running backs are making this season. Dallas is the popular pick for making a deal, but I wouldn't sleep on Arizona thinking Peterson could be the piece that gets them past Seattle in the NFC West.

WINSTON GETS SUED: Jameis Winston is getting sued over the alleged sexual assault in 2012. It's not exactly a surprise. The Bucs say it doesn't change their draft plans, whatever that means.

KIPER ON KIPER: America's only draft talker made entirely out of cedar and pomade released another mock draft, a full three rounds. The best part wasn't the picks, it was Kiper talking to himself while he played GM for each team.

BAD PICKS: Teams like the Browns and Rams don't consistently stink by coincidence. It takes years of terrible draft picks like Jason Smith and Brandon Weeden to make it happen. Here are the worst picks still holding teams down today.

CONTINUITY: Get this, none of the 32 NFL teams had the same five offensive linemen starting for all 16 regular season games last year. Football Outsiders released its offensive line continuity scores this week. Check them out.

NOT SO NICE: Remember when dumb anonymous scouts said Marcus Mariota is "too nice?" Surprise! It's not a very accurate portrayal of the Oregon quarterback, according to his coach, who probably knows a thing or two about the guy. So he'll be just fine in Philly.

TOUGH JOB: What's it really like to run an NFL team? Former GM Phil Savage sat down to talk about it with the folks at Field Gulls. Give it a listen.