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Rise 'n Grind: The NFL's 4-city stadium shuffle rolls on

Four cities, three teams -- someone is going to lose out in the league's race to Los Angeles.

LOWER BOWL GAMES I: The four-city stadium shuffle continues this week, with momentum still trending toward Stan Kroenke's silver temple to commercial sports synergy. St. Louis County removed itself from the coalition of the willing, the public entities able or willing to take on more public debt for a football stadium in St. Louis. There's still no clear plan for financing that stadium effort and minimal support for using tax dollars to do it.

LOWER BOWL GAMES II: Meanwhile, a San Diego politician released his vision for what a new home for the Chargers would look like. The new BIG IDEA for stadium pitches now is apparently the retail complex model.

FOOTBALL TALK: Episode two of the SB Nation NFL podcast, The Onside Kick Family Hour, dropped on Wednesday afternoon. This week features retired NFL defensive end Stephen White talking about his favorite receiver in the draft with Danny Kelly, as well as Mariota trade rumors, the endangered extra point and Jameis Winston. PFT Commenter also stopped by for a visit.

DONE WITH JOHNNY: The Cleveland Browns don't envision Johnny Manziel as part of the equation going forward. One report gave them a "90 percent" chance of moving on without last year's first-round pick.

OHIO FOOLS: April Fools' Day on the Internet is generally pretty awful, but the Bengals had a good one at the expense of the Browns and their recent color change.

STICK TO SPORTS: This Vox story about how Yuengling's business exploded is for everyone who acquired their taste for beer by swiping your dad's out of the fridge in junior high.

REED OUT AGAIN: Ed Reed officially retired on Wednesday. A lot of people kind of figured he had already done so.

A LEGEND PASSES ON A LEGEND: Bill Polian said that coaching legend Bill Walsh advised the Colts to take Peyton Manning over Ryan Leaf in the 1998 NFL Draft. But that's not how one person remembers it. In another retelling, Walsh suggested passing on both quarterbacks and taking Brian Griese later.

MINOR MOVES: The last few dominoes are falling in free agency. The Houston Texans signed sometimes OK receiver Nate Washington.