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The 2015 NFL schedule is already being leaked

Waiting is stupid. Here is every rumor we could find ahead of Tuesday night's 2015 NFL schedule release.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is trying half-assedly to get us excited about its three-hour reveal of the 2015 schedule Tuesday night. Teams and fans are already well aware of who their opponents are and how hard their schedules are going to be. At this point, we're all just waiting to find out when the bye weeks are going to be.

If you would like to tune into the NFL Network's three-hour special (or ESPN's only slightly less insane two-hour production), then that's your prerogative. Here is how you can tune in, and bless your heart. If you just want to see which opponents your team will be playing, we've known that since December. If you would rather figure out the schedule at a later date, you can stop reading and go about your day, or maybe try to go to bed early.

For the rest, you can find the latest schedule leaks and rumors below. No fuss, just lots of spoilers.

Week 1 will feature some fun intra-conference matchups

... and Browns-Jets

Giants-Cowboys will be the first Sunday night matchup

The Giants will host the Atlanta Falcons in Week 2 and Washington in Week 3

The Jets will visit the Bills in Week 17

The Bears will likely host the Packers to open the season

The Seahawks will reportedly visit the Packers in Week 2

Via Pro Football Talk. The Packers have lost three straight to the Seahawks since 2012, but none of those matchups were at Lambeau Field.