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The 4 biggest injustices of the 2015 NFL schedule according to Twitter

Schedule anger, 140 characters at a time.

If there's one thing for certain about the unveiling of the official 2015 NFL schedule, it's this: your team got screwed. Be it a tough strength of schedule, an early-season bye week, an inequitable lack of primetime games or too many cross-country flights, the NFL found some way to stack the deck against your beloved [fill in the blank]. Your city did something to personally piss off Roger Goodell, and he and the rest of his spiteful lackeys spent months finding just the right schedule equation to keep you out of the playoffs.

But some schedule stacking is of course more egregious than others. In order to zero in on the most glaring of these injustices, we went to our most reliable source: Angry People on Twitter.

The NFL's screwing over the champs with an early bye.

The Patriots drew the dreaded Week 4 bye, which means only one thing:

Such a tough break for the Pats, man. That early-season bye has historically been such a burden to Tom Bra...

Oh. Never mind.

The Steelers might as well just throw in the Terrible Towel now.

Basic strength of schedule rankings -- which are based solely on opponent records from the previous year -- are an almost meaningless statistic in a league which sees massive turnover every offseason. But that hasn't stopped fans of in Pittsburgh from whining about the Steelers' top-ranked SOS.

In fairness, the Steelers' schedule is daunting. They open in New England in primetime, have two trips to the West Coast and drew out-of-conference games against Arizona and Seattle.

The Bills deserve a home primetime game, dammit!

The folks in Buffalo were really hoping for a night game in Ralph Wilson.

The good news: the Bills are playing in two primetime games in 2015. The bad news: one's in New England and the other's in New Jersey.

Bless your heart.

Nobody wants to watch the Packers slaughter the Bears on Thanksgiving.

There's two camps of upset people here: Bears fans tired of playing in Lambeau in primetime and general NFL fans who'd rather spend their holiday doing something other than watch Jordy Nelson run 60-yard sprints through Chicago's secondary.

(The Packers won by a combined score of 93-31 in the two games last season, including a 41-point curb stomping in Green Bay.)

But hey, at least you'll be able to watch Brett Favre's awkward jersey retirement!