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Rise 'n Grind: Another Los Angeles NFL stadium project gets the green light

The NFL schedule is out and it doesn't include any games in Los Angeles, but that may change real soon.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

STADIUM GAME: While most football fans were worrying about the schedule, Raiders and Chargers fans had their eye on Carson, Calif., where the city council approved a $1.7 billion NFL stadium. That's two competing stadium plans in L.A. now and both are actually viable plans, too. Which one gets built is ultimately up to the NFL, and the league is meeting Wednesday to continue the process of reviewing plans for the L.A. projects, as well as potential stadiums in San Diego, Oakland and St. Louis.

BEST SCHEDULE RELEASE EVER: I can't confirm that. But at least it's out there.

NICE PREVIEW: The SB Nation NFL Draft preview has it ALL ... Team needs! Blurbs! Scouting reports! Player rankings!

GUNSLINGER RETURNS: For all the made-up, hoopla bullshit around the NFL schedule release, one fun thing leaked out during the day on Tuesday. The Packers are putting Brett Favre into the Ring of Honor, and it'll be on primetime television as the primetime Thanksgiving game. One night week to celebrate on Favre's greatness and his absurdity. That's why I got into this business.

HEY BIG SPENDER: Four years and $48 million for Jimmy Smith is a solid investment for the Ravens. He's quietly been one of the league's better cornerbacks. The Lisfranc injury he suffered last year is a concern, but good cornerbacks are too hard to find, much less keep. It's worth the risk.

THE WORST LINE: The Rams may have a powerful defensive line, but their offensive line looks terrible. It's hard to compete in the NFC West with a unit like that one.

IS HE WORTH IT: Are the Titans overvaluing the second pick in the draft? They reportedly asked the Browns for both of Cleveland's first-round picks -- 12th and 19th -- and their second-round pick. The Browns reportedly said no. At the very least, it would be a cheaper asking price than what Washington sent St. Louis for the second pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and the ability to draft RG3.

HARBAUGH ON WINSTON: ESPN arranged for Jim Harbaugh and Jameis Winston to get together on their draft-related TV show. They talked about how to talk about Winston's off-field stuff. Winston also revealed another suspension from his past.

EXPERIMENTING WITH TEBOW: The Eagles may employ Tim Tebow in some short yardage situations, partly to spare Sam Bradford's knees from any more contact. My question: are we finally going to see role-playing quarterbacks?

FAT BORTLES: We're all familiar with "fat" Jameis Winston, but did you know Blake Bortles got a little portly last year, too?

SUPER AGENT: Sure, Joe Linta negotiated an elite deal for Joe Flacco. Did you know he also coaches football and scouts small school players in his spare time? Emily Kaplan's story about Linta at MMQB is fascinating.

TRADE TALK: The Cowboys tried to shoot down the Adrian Peterson idea. And now, there's talk about a three-team deal involving the Eagles and Marcus Mariota.

LEFT SHARK IS BACK: And he's in the World of Warcraft.