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Rise 'n Grind: Trade talk dominates draft week

Deals, deals and more deals ... maybe. The NFL Draft starts Thursday, and it could be a busy night of trading.

DEAL OR NO DEAL: Adrian Peterson may be a Viking for the coming season after all. Teams do not want to pay Minnesota's reported asking price of a first-round pick, possibly more, and the Vikings don't really want to trade him, according to the latest from Yahoo's Charles Robinson.

NOT EVEN DALLAS: According to that same report, the Cowboys haven't so much as called the Vikings to ask. That shouldn't be a huge surprise when you look back at how Dallas dealt with DeMarco Murray. They weren't willing to pay the kind of dollars the market set for the 2014 rushing leader, and they're maintaining that policy of not overvaluing a 30-year-old running back by a lack of willingness to spend big (on both the trade and Peterson's contract) for the superstar running back and recent Family Guy target.

TAMPA TRADE TALK: Teams have apparently been calling the Buccaneers to find out how much it would cost to move up to the top pick. Tampa Bay's brass is listening to the offers, but they're not getting the kind of offers they want for the pick.

ATLANTA ON THE MOVE: The Falcons suggested that they too might be open to moving around in the draft. They have the eighth overall pick, and a desperate need for a blue chip pass rusher. Their current spot in the first round might be too low for Vic Beasley or Dante Fowler Jr, who Dan Quinn knows well from his recruiting days at Florida. It's something to watch. Bud Dupree could be their guy too.

DOLPHIN DEAL: Another name to watch for a potential draft day trade: Dolphins DL Dion Jordan. He didn't show for voluntary workouts last week, which prompted more talk that the team has soured on the third overall pick from 2013.

THE BEST DEALS: Which teams have done the best at trading draft picks? The Patriots have done pretty well for themselves over the years, at least when it comes to adding draft value. Guess which team is the worst?

FEELING AT HOME: It's draft week! Jameis Winston will most likely be a Buccaneer in just a matter of days, so it made sense to attend a charity event with a Bucs legend this weekend.

FLUNKED: I already had questions about LSU cornerback Jalen Collins (namely, why did he only have 10 career starts at LSU?), and news that he failed multiple drug tests in college will only add to the questions being asked by teams as they take one more pass through their draft boards.

CHAMPIONS: Do the Giants have a Super Bowl caliber offense? What? Stop laughing. Rashad Jennings thinks they do.

COMING BACK: Justin Blackmon may not be coming back to the NFL at all. He might not want to. It seems like his pro career never really started.

BUSTED: Le'Veon Bell would like to get his three-game suspension reduced via his appeal with Roger Goodell, whenever that happens. But it's no slam dunk that he will.