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Adrian Peterson's most likely destination in 2015? The Minnesota Vikings

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Vikings GM Rick Spielman doesn't want to trade away Adrian Peterson and it would "take a sledgehammer" to pry the running back from the team, according to a report.

Adrian Peterson appears likely to end up stuck with the Minnesota Vikings after all with a trade to deal the six-time Pro Bowl running back elsewhere seeming less likely by the day. While previous reports listed at least seven teams as possible trade partners for the Vikings, the options for the team are running thin and Minnesota isn't too upset about that.

According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, Vikings general manager Rick Spielman is the one making the call whether a trade involving Peterson happens, and he's not a fan of the idea of sending away the team's all-time leading rusher.

With Teddy Bridgewater still in the early stages of his development into a franchise quarterback, Spielman would prefer to keep a dynamic rusher like Peterson in the young passer's backfield. According to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, the Vikings have made it clear that a trade isn't in the cards.

The 30-year-old running back will play for the Vikings or no one, or at least that is the word coming from Minnesota, per Rapoport.

Still, a crazy trade offer is always a possibility, although according to Robinson, it will "take a sledgehammer" to pry Spielman from his stance on keeping Peterson and no team looks willing to go that far.

The Arizona Cardinals are an oft-discussed trade destination for Peterson, but the team isn't keen on the idea of trading away the No. 24 pick to acquire a 30-year-old running back. After 21 wins in the last two seasons, the Cardinals feel good about the roster as is and could have the opportunity to add a young rusher in the first round if Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon are on the board when Arizona goes on the clock.

Other teams appear even less likely to go after Peterson, including the Dallas Cowboys. While Peterson would like to play for his hometown team, the Cowboys haven't even had a discussion with the Vikings about the running back and the team has absolutely no interest in dealing away the picks and money necessary to land Peterson, according to Robinson.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars have picks No. 34 and 36, respectively, but those aren't believed to be enough to swap for Peterson without further compensation, which is tough for a pair of young teams to swing. The same can be said for the Atlanta Falcons, although salary cap issues further handicap the Falcons' ability to make a trade happen.

For now, the likely scenario appears to be Peterson staying with the Vikings, which is expected to be the case if a trade partner isn't found before Saturday morning.