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2015 NFL Draft rumors: Teams expect lots of trades for top 50 picks

A league exec tells SB Nation that thanks to a "lean draft" we can expect a flurry of activity as teams try to get into the top 50 picks.

NFL Draft live coverage

CHICAGO - With the NFL Draft approaching on Thursday, the biggest storylines involve the No. 2 pick currently owned by the Tennessee Titans and the likelihood that this draft will lead to an Adrian Peterson trade. NFL personnel executives say the focus should be on intense movement among the first 50 picks. They expect a potential record-setting flurry of movement throughout the first round tonight and halfway through the second round on Friday night.

"It hasn't been talked about much, but this is a lean, lean draft," one executive said. "There are 10-12 guys you really want. The rest of the 32 in the first round are only solid. But after you get through about 16 in the second round, I see a lot of developmental players. There is something wrong with all of the rest of them that you have to correct or develop. I'm telling you, once you get to the third round, you are just really hoping a lot more than in other years."

Thus, personnel executives are saying NFL teams will move and shuffle more boldly than usual among the 32 overall spots tonight and into the top 50 later on Friday.

Expect it.