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Rise 'n Grind: How long has Tom Brady been cheating?

This could go way, way back. Also, Adrian Peterson is happy to be back, or at least he will be.

REQUIRED DEFLATEGATE UPDATE: Has Tom Brady been deflating his footballs even longer than we suspect, like a whole decade? A.J. Feeley claims Brady was doing it as far back as 2004. Also, Patriots owner and Roger Goodell's former BFF Robert Kraft is like so totally mad, you guys. He might even sue the NFL.

READY TO WORK: The Vikings-Adrian Peterson reunion is coming. He's not required to show up until next month's minicamp, and head coach Mike Zimmer doesn't anticipate any problems. Peterson doesn't have any wiggle room. His agent, Ben Dogra, is toxic, and he has a great chance to reestablish himself this season in Minnesota. After this season, the Vikings can let him go without a massive cap hit, if they so choose.

STAR POWER: If you're keeping track at home, the big season opener between the Patriots and the Steelers will be missing both Tom Brady and Le'Veon Bell ... so it's basically just another Thursday Night Football game.

OWNERS MEETING: The billionaire boys club is getting together in San Francisco next week. At the top of their agenda is a vote on changing how the extra point and the two-point conversion work. One proposal that's expected to pass is moving the ball from the 2-yard line to the 15-yard line for the PAT. They'll also consider allowing defenses to score if they get a turnover on a two-point conversion attempt. Owners will also get an update on stadium projects in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Oakland and San Diego. It's worth remembering that Goodell himself opened up the possibility of moving up the deadline for teams to apply for relocation.

OZZIE DOES IT AGAIN: The Ravens inked Patriots castoff Kyle Arrington to a three-year deal. The slot cornerback makes a nice addition to Baltimore's secondary, and from here it looks like another one of Ozzie Newsome's free agent steals.

PEOPLE'S PLAYMAKER: This year's Madden cover model is none other than Mr. Big Play himself, Giants receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. Have to wonder if DeflateGate tanked Gronk's chances at it.

FORGOTTEN QUARTERBACKS OF CINCINNATI: Good news, everyone. AJ McCarron feels great and is ready to compete with Andy Dalton. Terrelle Pryor is just happy to have another chance.

REMEMBER HIM: It's true, Justin Blackmon was once a highly considered NFL prospect. He's even played in a handful of NFL games since being drafted by the Jaguars in the first round in 2012. Will he be playing any more games in 2015?

READY FOR BUSH: The 49ers GM is really talking up his offseason acquisition of aging part-time running back Reggie Bush. That'll definitely get the offense back on track.

UNDER FIRE: Falcons owner Arthur Blank stood by his team's decision to accept money from the Pentagon for the military's promotional and recruiting efforts in a statement released Wednesday afternoon. It clears up some of the issues people had with teams accepting that money, but it still doesn't resolve everything.

REBRANDING: The Colts offense has a new nickname, courtesy of offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton. Are you ready for it? Okay, it's called "The Greatest 'Shoe on Earth." I'll let him explain it.