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Rise 'n Grind: Roger Goodell is determined to make things worse

Robert Kraft's former BFF is going to hear Tom Brady's appeal, and that's not going to work out very well for anyone, especially the NFL. We've got a rich and meaty football breakfast for you.

MAKING A BAD SITUATION WORSE: Roger Goodell himself is going to hear Tom Brady's appeal, as if the NFL didn't already look stupid enough with this whole thing. It's an incredibly bad idea and a reminder of just how arbitrary and, worse, reactionary the league's player discipline system really is. With Goodell playing arbiter, I would expect him to uphold Brady's four-game suspension, which will then send the fight to the courts where the NFL will almost certainly lose, again.

CONTRADICTION: Did Ted Wells goof with the "deflater" text messages? Thursday also brought a bizarre, rambling 20,000-word blog post from the Patriots trying to muddy the waters around Wells' report. It also contained some very helpful information about what a normal adult male should be doing in the bathroom.

OUT OF THE WOODWORK: First it was A.J. Feeley and now it's Karlos Dansby accusing Tom Brady of cheating in the past. In Dansby's case, it was allegedly during a Week 16 game between the Cardinals and the Patriots in 2008.


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IMPORTANT ADDITION: DeAngelo Williams is in the spotlight again now that he's in Pittsburgh.

I LIKE YOU MARY JANE: Le'Veon Bell said that marijuana isn't important to him; football is his priority. It's a smart thing to say publicly when you're in the process of appealing a three-game suspension for smoking marijuana. Another reminder that the NFL's rules about marijuana are stupid.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Robert Klemko at the MMQB went behind the scenes with La'el Collins as that whole saga played out during the draft and after, until he signed with the Cowboys once his name was cleared in the Louisiana murder investigation.

CRAPPY TEAMS: Here are five lousy teams that might not be so lousy anymore ... a couple of them even look like legitimate playoff contenders.

HOLDING OUT: Is Michael Bennett planning to holdout on the Seahawks for a new contract this year? Maybe. It doesn't help that Bruce Irvin reportedly wants to be in Atlanta next season.

CABIN SPACE: There's plenty of room under the Jets' salary cap next year for the team to get a contract extension with Mo Wilkerson. It's almost not fair how loaded that defensive line is.