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The Onside Kick Family Hour: Extra points, Ryan Tannehill, Justin Smith and more

A heartfelt about changing the NFL's extra point, Ryan Tannehill's big deal, Justin Smith's retirement, Derek Carr, DeflateGate and more! Join Stephen White, Danny Kelly and Ryan Van Bibber for another great NFL podcast.

You favorite NFL podcast is back with a closer look at the NFL's change to the extra point rule, which includes a startling revelation about how player REALLY feel about special teams. Stephen White, Danny Kelly and myself chatted about a long list of football topics, because there's actually kind of a lot of NFL things to talk about for May.

It breaks down, roughly, like this:

- Extra points and two-point conversions.

- Ryan Tannehill is the man in Miami.

- What's going to happen to E.J. Manuel?

- How important is Derek Carr to the Raiders and their 2015 hopes?

- Remembering Justin Smith's awesome career.

- Mandatory DeflateGate talk: Why Bob Kraft surrendered and what it means for Tom Brady's appeal.

Hot damn, that's a ton of great football content in one tidy little 50-minute package. You can also get us on iTunes, if that's your kind of thing.