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Rise 'n Grind: Why did the Bears sign Ray McDonald in the first place?

They should have known.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

MCDONALD ARREST: That's two domestic violence arrests in a year for Ray McDonald. The Bears released him on Monday, but they knew his history when they signed him earlier this spring. So ...

WHY DID THEY SIGN HIM?: They took flak for it at the time, but chairman George McCaskey defended the move, saying that he got all the assurances he needed from McDonald's college coach, Urban Meyer, and McDonald's own family ... parties that miiiiiiight have a bias on McDonald's behalf. McCaskey did not talk to the victim or the victim's family from McDonald's first arrest, because, "an alleged victim, I think much like anybody else who has a bias in a situation, there's a certain amount of discounting what they have to say."

MAKE TEAMS RESPONSIBLE: There's chatter about holding teams accountable for signing troubled players like McDonald. It's definitely something the league is going to have to do, because just punishing players and forcing them to listen to hasty training seminars is only going to get the NFL so far toward Roger Goodell's goal of being a "leader in the domestic violence space."


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