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Rise 'n Grind: What happens after the NFL Draft?

How are we supposed to go on now?

WE'RE DONE HERE: It's over. We won't have an errant Wonderlic score or a backwards cap to discuss for at least another 10 months. Now, we can talk about which teams did the best in the 2015 NFL Draft, and the easiest way to do that is to read the draft grades from Mocking the Draft. (Hint: If you're a Falcons or a Jags fan, you'll appreciate them. If you do want to get a head start on next year's draft, here's the 2016 mock draft.)

LOSERS: And who lost the draft? Any team picking a running back in the top 10 is usually a good bet to be one of the draft's biggest losers.

WHO ARE THESE GUYS: Teams spent the day Sunday scooping up the players they didn't draft, filling out their rosters. You can track the undrafted free agent signings here.

CHARACTER COUNTED: NFL teams were a little more hesitant drafting players with off-field issues. Randy Gregory sliding into the late part of the second round was definitely one of the draft's biggest surprises, but he may have found the right fit in Dallas. The situation with La'el Collins should get cleared up -- at least a little more -- on Monday when he visits with authorities in Louisiana. Will that be enough for a team to sign him?

DRAFT CUTS: A few veteran players always end up getting the boot after the draft. So far, the biggest name to get his walking papers was Raiders receiver James Jones.

REVENGE: Jaelen Strong didn't expect to be the 11th receiver taken -- he thought he'd be drafted much sooner (so did the rest of us). So, guess why he's going to wear the No. 11 on his jersey?

LINE SHUFFLING: The Detroit Lions could have a very good offensive line next season. Here's a little taste of what it might look like once Week 1 rolls around. In Indianapolis, they're still not sure who exactly is going to be protecting Andrew Luck.

ANNUAL JETS QB DRAMA: Geno Smith will be the Jets' starting quarterback once training camp begins. The real question is whether he'll be the starter once training camp ends. Head coach Todd Bowles addressed the situation on Sunday after the draft.