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Rise 'n Grind: Stop calling Peyton Manning old, you monsters

Also, the NFL is one step closer to its eventual Los Angeles return.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

AGE IS RELATIVE: Stop calling Peyton Manning old, per the request of Peyton Manning.

SHOVEL-READY: The Chargers, Raiders and Rams all made their case to the NFL committee on Los Angeles opportunities on Wednesday, and it looks like the race back to Hollywood could be headed into its final lap. The biggest takeaway from the meeting: Rams owner Stan Kroenke is ready to start construction on his gilded palace in Inglewood as early as September, once he has the league's approval, reports Sam Farmer of the LA Times.

HONOR ROLL: It's not all stadium news with the Chargers. The team is going to retire LaDainian Tomlinson's No. 21, a much-deserved honor.

PARTICIPATION RIBBON: The Colts hung the least inspiring banner ever from their rafters on Wednesday. That's prompting some to question what exactly is worth commemorating with a banner.

PRODUCTION: The thought of the Falcons making Julio Jones even more productive this year is a scary thing to think about, especially in the NFC South.

TECH GURU: What's Chip Kelly up to now? Oh, not much, just trying to acquire some virtual reality stuff.

DEADLY COMBO: Which team has the best 1-2-3 combination of RB, WR and TE? It might be the Chiefs.

OPTIMISM: Geno Smith is getting all kinds of love from the media this week. Please remember that when the tabloids are skewering him in Week 3.

TRADITION: Bill Belichick has always been kind of a dick about sending players home from practice.


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