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Rise 'n Grind: Stop reporting dumb things about NFL minicamps

Brandon Weeden, future superstar!

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

MINDLESS MINICAMP REPORTING: Hey, know who the most improved player at the Cowboys minicamp is? Brandon Weeden. He's throwing the ball well in non-contact drills and while wearing shorts, so clearly the MVP trophy is his. That link, from our Cowboys blog, does a nice job of putting the report from ESPN in context, but it's still hard to get excited about the kind of stuff teams put out this time of year, with players being the best shape of their lives, working hard and competing, etc.

CHASING MATHIS: The Evan Mathis sweepstakes has narrowed to a few finalists. The Chiefs, Colts, Dolphins and 49ers are reportedly the four teams with the most serious interest in signing the former Eagles guard.


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FOLES EXTENSION: The St. Louis Rams want to sign quarterback Nick Foles to a long-term deal ... before the season starts. One thing Jeff Fisher's learned over the years is that you've got to have stability and a hulking pocket statue to go 8-8 every year.

FREE ADVICE: Michael Vick, who also felt the sting of Chip Kelly's whim, has a little advice for LeSean McCoy.

GOOD GUY: There aren't many any players who can suffer three ACL tears and still play at the level Thomas Davis does. He's one of the game's best, and it's good to see him get a two-year extension from the Panthers.

NAME CALLING: Poor Johnny Manziel just wanted to watch a little wrestling, not get called names.

GOLDEN RING: In a pawn shop on the Internet ... on a sunny summer day ... a fat man smoking Moores ... he's browsing on eBay. Yes, that's an adaptation of the George Jones-Tammy Wynette duo "Golden Ring" adapted for Brandon Spikes, who is selling his 2011 AFC Championship ring on eBay.

CALLING IT A CAREER: Falcons lineman Justin Blalock and Jason Campbell, the greatest Washington quarterback since Joe Theismann, are expected to retire. And did you know that last season Marvin Lewis became the first head coach who didn't get fired after having Campbell on his team? There's a whole theory about it.

TALE OF TWO CITIES: Just because it's the offseason doesn't mean that PFT Commenter held back in this week's MMBM. There are at least a thousand Monday NFL columns, but this is the only one that delivers pure fire.