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The Onside Kick Family Hour: We stand with Dez Bryant

On this week's episode, retired NFL defensive end Stephen White and Danny Kelly make some Tom Brady suspension predictions, talk about Dez Bryant's contract situation and so much more.

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We're back! The internet's only* NFL podcast returns after a two-week hiatus just in time for minicamp. Offseason or not, Stephen White, Danny Kelly and myself shook off the rust and jumped right back into the mix. On this week's episode ...

  • What's going to happen at Tom Brady's appeal next Tuesday?
  • The Dez Bryant contract standoff ... Why can't the Cowboys get it resolved? And, yes, Dez should probably holdout.
  • Johnny Manziel is mature now, or says he is.
  • Chip Kelly made a big mistake releasing Evan Mathis. The 49ers or the Colts could profit from it.
  • Anthony Davis is retiring from football, for a year or so anyway. And what the hell is the matter with the 49ers?
  • The latest and greatest on the NFL's race back to Los Angeles.
  • Jason Campbell and our favorite backup quarterbacks.

You can listen to the show with the embedded program above, or you can download us on iTunes and listen to it again and again and again.

*maybe not the only NFL podcast.